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Round Foot° Homes - Building Materials

We Engineer Using SIPs

Cross-section of a sips panel

Round Foot° Homes are engineered using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) because:

  1. They are available from manufacturers and dealers all across the USA, located in every geographic region.

  2. The material in SIPs includes mostly

  3. SIPs homes are stronger, tighter and ‘greener’ than conventionally constructed homes.

  4. SIPs range from R-values of R-14 to over R-50 and are bonded both sides with your choice of material.
    • Depending on the manufacturer selected, options can include:
      • Structural Plywood (oriented strand board – OSB) (2 sides):
        See Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) for a picture.
      • Gypsum wall board or fiber reinforced gypsum added to one or both sides (structural plywood on the other face).
        See NRG Building Systems for a picture.
      • Structural Plywood (OSB) (2 sides) with interior and/or exterior T&G siding or T&G finished lumber:
        See Eagle Panel Systems for a picture.

  5. SIPs are an adaptable, flexible building product. They can be used for interior and/or exterior walls, under flooring, and to construct the roof structure.

  6. SIPs provide a very energy-efficient easy-to-maintain home.

Looking for SIPs in your area?

We can help you find a manufacturer or dealer!
Follow the link to find a supplier in your area!

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