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Building Green

Round Foot° Homes - Building Green

~What to look for in "Building Green"

Green seems to be the catch-phrase nowadays for everything from *using only-organic materials* to *exotic sustainable goods*.

We believe that Green means much more than that. Green means not using valuable resources to transport materials when suitable substitutes can be found locally. Green means positioning your home to take advantage of the resources already there (ie: shade at the hottest time of day or south facing elevations equipped with solar panels). Green means using efficient types of energy and building materials that conserve that efficiency and energy. Green living means a building a domicile that is neither too large nor too small for your living situation.

Here at Round Foot° Homes, we help you live green, by advising your building process by the follwing principles:

Material available locally:
The materials should not have to travel halfway around the world, and ideally less than 500 miles (LEED criteria)**.
Sustainable resource use:
The materials should have a low impact on the earth, by using renewable resources, recycled content, post-industrial products, and have low-embodied energy.
Energy efficiency:
The materials and design of the home, as a system, should create a hyper-efficient dwelling; one that uses significantly less, energy than conventional housing.
Comfortable Efficiency
The design of the home should be exactly enough for your needs, be safe and healthy, and create a sense of home without pretentiousness.

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The 7 steps to sustainable living:
~article by Andrew Michler of Baosol

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