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The Round Foot° Homes Story

The History of Round Foot° Homes

My wife and I grew up together in Michigan as peace-loving hippies in the '70's. We faced the challenges of the real world head-on and didn't abandon our ideals of making a better earth and a better environment for our children.

With the birth of our first son, we began to realize what it takes to make a true change. I enrolled at Colorado State University (CSU) and majored in Engineering Science for Solar Engineering.

After our second son was born, we endeavored to live off the grid near Flathead Lake in Montana. I gained much experience working with a log home builder and building our first sustainable home. After a long hard summer in a new area with limited income, the challenge of a growing family, and a bitter cold Montana winter, we moved our family back to the homestead in Michigan.

I furthered my education by installing Energy Efficient Solar Collectors on commercial and residential properties. After the birth of our daughter, I worked toward the goal of continuing my formal education. This was to involve moving to Arizona to earn my BSCE (Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering) at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

Longing for the mountains, we settled our family in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado and adopted seven children for a grand total of eleven Benjamins! My wife, finally able to realize her childhood dream of owning a horse ranch, and I, now a Registered Professional Engineer, have coupled the ideals of our youth with the reality of what it actually takes to make a difference in the world for generations to come. For us, green is not just a buzzword, it is our children’s future.

Not content without furthering my knowledge, I am pursuing a Master of Engineering degree at CSU, hoping to finish December, 2010, just for the fun of learning!

~Biography of Mark Benjamin by Joshua Benjamin

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